PLNI7/0269 Industrial Spray booth on Scotchmer St

No bus sized spray booth will be built at the Transdev bus depot fronting Nicholson Street and Scotchmer Street due in no small part to the magnificent work of Patsy, Marion and all members of the No Toxins team.

We can all breathe easier.

What do we know about the Transdev Spray Booth ? 

1. This industrial scale facility will generate enough toxins to require 5 x 12m fume stacks to vent the fumes.

2. Those fumes will blow across its neighbours, first reaching the houses less than 40 meters away.

3. Houses 40m away is less than half the minimum buffer distance for regular car panel beaters - 100m

4. Even with scrubbers properly maintained the fumes contain irritants. Irritants carried by the prevailing winds.

The location puts them within a half kilometre of North Fitzroy Primary School and North Fitzroy Village, Nicholson Street Shopping Village, Isabel Henderson Kindergarten and Day Care, Carlton North Children's Centre, Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Primary School, and the Capitol City Bike Trail—which carries hundreds of cyclists every day.

Remember that scrubbers are not generally effective for removing solvents and odours.

(* Page 11 NSW Local Government Air Quality Toolkit - downloadable below )

5. The drums of Paints, Solvents and Thinners will be stored on the site creating a toxic fire risk.

Be part of keeping North Fitzroy Toxin free

You can : Read for yourself, download links below

You Can : Lodge an objection.

You Can : Write a letter 

You Can : Put a poster in your window or on your fence. Download the poster as a pdf below. You can get it printed and laminated locally at either Piedimontes or Officeworks for about $5

You can : Contact Patsy and the team on this Email : toxinfreefitzroynorth@gmail.com for any questions.