City of Yarra Council Meeting

Fitzroy Town Hall on Tuesday 7th February 2017

We have a Draft DDO !

Absolutely MASSIVE THANK-YOU to all the passionate residents and friends of North Fitzroy who turned out for the Council Meeting Tuesday night at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

Our Council did us proud again, lead by our Nicholls Ward councillors Jackie, Misha and Mike.

Our council officers worked very hard to put together the DDO."Parking a Cruise Ship design" - OUT, Setbacks - IN, Protecting Sight-lines to Edinburgh gardens - IN.

Glen, John, Bill, Simon, Greg and Graham all spoke to the motion and were great. The last sentence of Glen’s speech  captured the ‘vibe’ and was endorsed by loud applause.

Lastly we’d like to thank councillors, council officers and our amazing community for bringing us so far. When we work together we are mighty.

The link to the City Of Yarra on the detail of the motion that was carried is

In summary, the DDO  insists designs be articulated (gaps in the building form - not a monolith),  three storeys on the Queens Parade and other heritage interfaces, rising to 5 storeys, then up to a maximum of 8 storeys (25m).

Now its over to Richard Wynne and his crew in the planning department, to hopefully sign off on interim controls.

This is not the last word - these controls are "interim" as they're a placeholder for around 2 years to allow time for a full planning panel review to take place.

The planning panel review will take in a large amount of expert and community submissions on the matter in formulating final planning controls for the precinct. So the whole community will get their say.

In the meantime before VCAT it's a more comfortable place to have some controls rather than none, so fingers crossed.