News from the Council meeting on 6 December

  1. Request for a progress report on the DDO and the Council's representation at VCAT.

    Bruce Phillips advised that the necessary external consultants have been engaged and that the first stage of the analysis will be finished on the Design and Development Overlay before Christmas. We will continue to monitor its progress and keep you apprised.

    We can also advise that Council has appointed its legal team for the VCAT hearing scheduled for 3 April next year. Our VCAT preparations are well underway.

    We hope to finalise our legal representation and expert team for VCAT shortly and will advise you ASAP. What’s certain is that we will soon be seeking expertise from within the community in a number of areas. Stay tuned.

  2. Change of name

    ‘Skyline’ has been dropped and we are now simply ‘Protect Fitzroy North’. All of us recognise the skyline impact is a symptom of aggressive over-development and not the problem per se. However the populist media have seized on the word and used it to further their own agendas. Not anymore.

  3. Picnic in the park on Sunday, 11th December 1-3pm

    Sunday’s weather was a picnic-perfect 22°, partly cloudy and light winds. It was lovely to have a relaxing chat in the gardens, about the happenings in our community.

    We set up camp on the hill overlooking the oval, we had a great view of the picture postcard vista we are all working to keep.

    The way our new library is blossoming was a hot topic, and it is expected to open early next year.