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Direct bank transfer directly into our Bendigo Bank Account.
Name: Protect Fitzroy North, BSB: 633 000, Account: 158 796 805
No fees are charged if you make an EFT transfer into the PFN bank account.

Sending a cheque payable to Protect Fitzroy North Inc, to PO Box 1076, Fitzroy North, Vic 3068

If you use direct debit or cheque, please remember to also send an email to,
identifying your donation, so we can say thank-you,
and can contact you about returning the balance, in the event of funds need to be returned.

DONATIONS - FAQs - Frequently asked questions

(well not actually frequently asked, but tried to think of a few that might be asked - open to adding more :-)

Why didn’t you hold another trivia night or similar community event?

We have focused our time and energy on preparing for both the recent IDAC meeting, and VCAT in September. We plan to have a community get together later in the year. Stay tuned.

Can I donate more than $100?

Absolutely. We know some people within the community will have the capacity to donate more than $100, and that others will struggle to donate at all. Every donation received will be put to good use.

What happens if all the money is not all spent on the VCAT hearing?

We do not anticipate having much left, as we are committed to applying donated funds for maximum effect at VCAT.

Funds collected above our barrister's remuneration will be used to fund engaging strategic support from experts.

In the longer term, our organisation plans to continue working with the local council and the state government to ratify the Interim Design and Development Overlay (DDO) covering the Queens Parade precinct. We have been informed this process normally takes between 18 months and two years. The Panel Hearing is scheduled for some time in March - May 2019.

If a small amount of money (i.e. hundreds of dollars) is left over after the panel, we would probably seek to use it to meet any ongoing costs. However, if a significant amount of money (i.e. thousands of dollars) is left after invoices are paid, the process described in the next question will apply.

What happens if the developer withdraws the case before the final hearing?

If the developer withdraws his application before the hearing, we may have substantial funds left over. These will be dispersed in the following order of priority.

Firstly, invoices will be paid.

Secondly, the first $200 of all donations will be retained.

Thirdly, for donors who gave an amount over $200 we will be able to refund a percentage of the amount over $200 or apply it in some other way; each of these donors will be contacted and asked for instructions.

We do not yet know what this percentage will be (see below).

How do we work out the amount of money that could be refunded to each donor?

The percentage we may be able to refund if all funds are not spent is basically the amount of money left over as a proportion of the total money donated above $200

For example: You donated $600 and 70% of the donated money was left after bills were paid. You would be contacted asking what you wanted done with your balance of $280 ($600-$200 = $400, 70% of $400 is $280)

What happens if down the track Protect Fitzroy North is wound up?

PFN became incorporated to be here for the long term. Fitzroy North, and its neighbours, will need protection from future inappropriate developments. So we do not anticipate this happening in the short term.

However, if and when winding up is necessary: We would firstly proceed in the same way as described in the previous two questions. Any remaining funds would be provided to suitable charities as determined by the Committee of PFN Inc.

What if I have another question?

Email it to us at and we’ll get back to you with the answer ASAP.