Welcome to the C269 Submission Helper Page

Make no mistake every submission is valuable. The more submissions the bigger the impact. You have insight on your local area. This insight needs to be pout in front of the council and state planning panel.

Also a big headline total number of submissions gets attention, as a clear demonstration of widespread community commitment across Yarra. Each community groups submission is made stronger by your contribution.

State Policy includes :

Where centres are well established or communities are seeking to protect the unique character of their centres (such as protecting heritage buildings or access to public land or open space to achieve community benefit), they should be assisted in determining the desired built form outcomes.

Your submission is contributing precisely what the planning scheme demands. Helping our council officers, councillors, and the State planning panel, see Yarra through our eyes and our hearts.

This page is here to help you put together your submission. The hints and examples are here are suggestions only. Your own words are by far the most powerful.

What needs to be included to be a valid submission ?

You must include your name, and contact details. You do not have to provide your street address. A copy of your submission will be supplied by Council on request from the public, so your submission will be publically available. Yarra is easist to communicate with via email, but do accept postal address as a contact point.

Send your email including your submssions with Subject line 'Amendment C269 - submission' to Email: strategicplanning@yarracity.vic.gov.au. Attachments in word or pdf are fine.

Please if you could cc a copy of your submisison to your community group, it will make preparing the combined community report much easier.

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When the community stands as one we are mighty