Gasworks The Next Steps - Summary

  The GLSAC Panel and Mr Richard Wynne responded to the strong submissions from across the community

Official announcement video on what the development will deliver  Gasworks Video

Gasworks is now to be an Examplar Integrated Development

Maximum of 10 storeys

Minimum 20% Affordable Housing

The new portal for the Fitzroy Gasworks engagement is open :


Community Meeting Update

Members of our wonderful community gathered together at the North Fitzroy Library "Bargoonga Nganjin" to be informed, debate and decide on a number of resolutions. These community resolutions are the centrepiece of the PFN submission to the Planning Minister's Gasworks Advisory Commitee Hearing.

Please click through to download your copy of the Community Resolutions. They are dead brilliant.

The rest of this page explores the issues in the resolutions as well as other issues related to the Gasworks development.

The balance of the Protect Fitzroy North submission covered the issues highlighted in our expert report, the council's expert reports and the Development Victoria submissions.

Click Thru to download your copy of the Community Commissioned Export Report

Click Thru to the Gasworks Expert Reports Folder on PFN Google Drive

This is a link to The Age Article on Gasworks published late March in case you missed it.