Completed Local Planning Cases

249 Queens Parade - Successfully Mediated at VCAT

An overall reduction in height from 17 storeys to 14.
Removed one floor from each of the scheme's three tower forms
Increased setbacks to the rear

Argyle St  Boot Factory - Successfully Mediated at VCAT

Apartment count reduced from 41 to 35
Setback from Heritage Irons and Piper Boot Factory increased.
Neighbourhood amenity improved with the ground floor restaurant isreplaced with offices.
Garbage pick-up reduced to once a week not twice, and will pick-up on-site instead of blocking Argyle Street
Improved bicycle parking. Additional bicycle parking


The team from Save Queens Parade as well as the Argyle Street Protectors would like to thank our Councillors, our Council Officers and all the good folks of the City of Yarra who took the time to object or attended IDAC.

Smith Street

This case went to a five day hearing at VCAT. The result was an interim decision. The applicant submitted amended plans, and the application was approved on the amended plans. The amendment required were significant stepped setbacks along the rear of the commercial building to mitigate the impact on the neighbouring residents.

This case was an example where the applicant's heritage expert successfully argued something outside a heritage overlay border could not impact on heritage inside a heritage overlay.

The same heritage expert, put forward that same opinion at the 26-56 Queens Parade hearing.

The example in the 26-56 case was a treed median. There is a heritage overlay on the median strip stating the trees should not be damaged and must remain the dominant form. The applicant's heritage expert contended the overlay did not apply to his employers proposed building shadowing and/or towering over the median trees - as there was a gap on the map between the median's heritage overlay and his employer's proposed high building, namely the road. The panel did not agree.